Redefining Yarn Production Excellence 

Elevating the Art of Yarn Craftsmanship 

Gainup Industries has been a pioneer in premium yarn production since 2003. From humble beginnings, the company has flourished into a trusted name, exporting its offerings to various countries and upholding global textile standards. 

Specialized in Engineered Yarns 

Gainup Industries specializes in COMPACTED Cotton Yarns and SLUB YARNs, catering to diverse textile needs. Customers can experience the unmatched softness of the company’s 100% Cotton Combed Yarn or embrace sustainability with its Organic Cotton and BCI-certified options. Gainup Industries is committed to promoting ethical and sustainable practices while delivering superior yarn craftsmanship. 

Cutting-Edge Yarn Manufacturing 

Innovation and precision are the hallmarks of Gainup Industries’ yarn manufacturing machinery. With a current capacity of 20,400 spindles and a production capacity of 300 tons per month, the company’s product range spans from Ne16 to Ne44, meeting diverse textile requirements.The advanced contamination clearer and compact system eliminates yarn contamination and hairiness there by guaranteeing unparalleled quality standards. Also specialized slub yarn attachment ensures customers varied requirements are met seamlessly 

Commitment to Quality 

Gainup Industries’ commitment to quality is evident in its highly experienced Quality Assurance team and sophisticated in-house testing laboratory. These measures ensure consistent quality across all the company’s yarn offerings, solidifying its position as a trusted partner in the textile industry. 


Explore our diverse array of engineered yarns, meticulously tailored to suit your unique requirements. Crafted with the finest raw materials, including natural, man-made, and recycled fibers, our showroom showcases the epitome of yarn excellence

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