One of the biggest socks manufacturers in India, capable of knitting Socks for Men, Women and Children in variety of needle counts and styling. Socks is made out of Cotton, Organic Cotton, Modal, Wool, Nylon, Polyester covering all different category of socks like Casual Socks, Sports Socks, Design Socks, Terry Socks etc.

Gainup is catering to major global SOCKS brands with sustained Quality standards for more than 12 years consistently and the global brands list is growing every year. Our team is trained and sustained capability in catering to global brands by maintaining highest standard of production operation efficiency and maintaining the quality as per the international standard. Our steadfast commitment to improve the operational efficiency and cost reductions has attracted many global SOCKS brands to tie up with us for long term partnership in their supply chain operations.

Gainup has a top of the line laboratory equipped with world class instruments including Yarn tester for testing imperfections, Uniformity, Strength, Twist and Color fastness for light and rubbing, Color matching devise, Pilling tester, Socks Stretch tester, Shrinkage and Tearing Strength testers.

All incoming raw material including our own mill yarn in cotton, Nylon, Elastane, Rubber etc are thoroughly tested at pre-production stage and after complete compliance of quality standards are taken for production. Pre-production activities are carried out to ascertain the quality standard before taking to the bulk production process.

Value Addition Operation

Gainup has in house embroidery and printing machines capable to adding value to the socks produced by creating Unique Embroidery Logo, Anti -Skid print for various types of socks, Silicone Gel print on Socks, other printing and Embroidery design requirement are being done to add value to the products.

Gainup has in house washing and dryer machines to process ANTI MICRO BACTERIAL WASH, ENZYME WASH, ANTI SKID FINISH, MOUSQUITO REPELLENT, ALOE VERA WASH to add value to the products.

Gainup has latest computerized machines capable of making TERRY SOCKS WITH DESIGN, SPACE TERRY, modern design patterns with high productivity and efficiency. Latest addition of machines includes AUTO TOE CLOSURE MACHINE which is a value addition to existing quality standard.

Gainup is the only SOCKS manufacturer in INDIA with highest number of AUTO TOE CLOSURE MACHINE installed as on date and its planning to add more machine to existing capacity.

Socks Design Capacity

Gainup has separate product development team located in factory and overseas locations. Gainup is having its own design team located in UK to support the design and development activities for buyers located in UK and EUROPE. Any buyers interested to take up our service are coordinating with UK design team to speed up the development process.

Gainup has capacity to make socks for different category like MEN, WOMEN, KIDS and INFANTS covering all occasion and age group. Our design team is capable to make design with more than 12 colors in a socks and our modern updated machines are capable to producing multiple styles and range of designs with multiple colors.

Gainup is working with major brands globally and expanding their production capacity every year. Currently producing 48 million pairs of socks per annum to all major customer and planning to add another 24 million pair of socks capacity. Technical team headed by experts in socks field for more than 25 years are updated with technology available globally and product design and
development is done for latest trend of style and design. Latest technology machines are added to the existing capacity and old machines are replaced by state of the art technology new computerized machines. All our machines are capable of switching different needle count cylinders and we are equipped with more than 320 spare cylinders in different needle count to switch over the required needle count as per buyers requirements. This type of flexibility totally avoid bottle neck in production of any particular needle cylinder requirement and ensure smooth production planning and control. Most of the installed machines are capable of making both PLAIN and TERRY socks as per the list provided below.

Gainup has in house washing department capable of doing ANTI MICROBIAL WASH and other ENZYME WASH. Washing capacity also increased in ratio with production capacity addition and new washing plants are installed to cover the production capacity addition.

State of the art BOARDING machines are installed with more than 130% of the production capacity to maintain smooth flow of production operation. Boarding machines are supported with fully automated conveyor system for smooth flow of Pairing.

Stringent procedure is in place of packing area and all goods are passed through Needle detector before taking up for packing. CT – PAT complied packing area ensure that all packed goods are 100% safe and it also ensure metal free products and packing done in compliance with CT – PAT requirement. Fully Automated RFID counting work station system is in place to ensure proper packing without any packing error.

Gainup stringent commitment to global quality standards has been the key factor behind our success and phenomenal growth. Our priority for quality and our team quality consciousness ensure quality standards in all stages of production. Gainup is having global vision on the social compliance and past several years it has sustained with compliance requirement of ISO 9001 : 2018, SA 8000, OEKO TEX, GOTS (Organic), SEDEX, WRAP, BSCI, CT – PAT.