we redefine hand protection by blending durability, comfort, and innovation seamlessly in our diverse glove collection.


Elevating Hand Protection

Gainup’s Gloves Division Established in 2018, Gainup’s Gloves Division offers a comprehensive range of high-volume solutions for businesses in need of quality gloves. From rugged hiking and trekking gloves to specialized cycling and winter wear, the company’s products are meticulously crafted to meet industrial demands. 

Durability, Breathability, and Performance 

With a focus on durability, breathability, and performance, Gainup’s gloves are designed to withstand rigorous use while ensuring comfort and protection for the workforce. Explore the diverse collection to discover versatile options that cater to various industries and applications. 

Reliable Glove Products 

Partner with Gainup for reliable glove solutions that meet your bulk procurement needs with unmatched quality and efficiency. The company’s commitment to excellence is evident in its manufacturing process, powered by specialized machinery designed to bring out the best in its products. 

Crafting High-Performance Gloves 

Gainup’s glove manufacturing process is a testament to the company’s dedication to innovation and precision. From the precision of its travel head click cutting machines to the versatility of its pattern taker sewing machines, every step is meticulously executed. The seamless stitching of the cylinder bed single needle machines and the durability and comfort guaranteed by the state-of-the-art single and double needle overlock and flat lock machines ensure the pinnacle of craftsmanship. 

Gloves machines


Our curated collection caters to diverse needs, offering gloves tailored for various activities and industries. From rugged work gloves to specialized sports and leisure wear, each glove is crafted with precision and care. Explore our range designed for durability, comfort, and performance, ensuring quality hand protection for all.

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